Calum’s Corner November 2018


Nick Diprose of Holdsway gave us a very practical and up to the minute view of the interim market today. He contended that the interim market has not changed in essence from when it first started, but that companies quite often did not understand the value of the intermediary to source the right person. Nick’s presentation was very well structured and took us through setting the scene of the current market, busting some myths about interims, the sorts of people who make good interims and when they are used. He also outlined the old model, which he said was the only model for good interim provision.

He also talked about the Assignment cycle and the competencies of successful interims and finished with – Positioning yourself as an Interim
• Know why you are an interim
• Know what’s on the line
• Know your strongest competencies
• Know how to manage the assignment cycle
• Very importantly post assignment
– Why were you hired
– What did you actually do
– What did you leave in place
Prepare a mini case study.

David Mellor talked about his book “Inspirational Gamechangers”
The book showcases the journeys of thirty influential business innovators, reveals why they have had such an impact and outlines key decisions in their career trajectory.

The presentation gave us glimpses of some of the gamechangers and how they had grown their businesses. David categorised them as
Values led
Community players
Up and coming influencers

There were fascinating stories and quotes in the first half of the talk and the lessons learned were illustrated by very amusing and clever cartoons from David’s son. It was an engaging and enthralling presentation.
Next meeting – Christmas Drinks Monday 10 December, Davy’s at Woolgate 6-8pm
Informal get together to chat and exchange information, news and tips.

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