Calum’s Corner – November 2019


What did you miss?

We had our last presentation for the year on Wednesday 13th November at the National Liberal Club. Our speaker was Bob Ferguson, who gave us an inspiring overview of the differences between Persuading, Motivating and Inspiring people. He illustrated his point by suggesting that no matter how good a leader’s speeches were, it is the deeper sense of commitment to the team and the purpose that make people do extraordinary things. Bob’s talk started with a vivid description of being at the front of a landing craft on D-day, where they were far more influenced by not letting the people around them down. He also highlighted the importance of recognition, and that even small examples of being noticed can make a big difference to how people see themselves and their role in the company. Several of the audience added insights as to how they had seen effective inspiration in their own work experiences.

We had two guests, and several members who had not attended for a few years due to work commitments, but appeared to thoroughly enjoy being able to re-engage with other members over the wine and nibbles.

Our final session for the year will be the Christmas Drinks which will take place at Davy’s at Woolgate (25 Basinghall Street) at 6pm on the 12th of December. You may have noticed that there is an election happening that day, so this will be a good opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues from XTEND – AND NOT TALK POLITICS……

I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Calum Byers
Chair, XTEND