Caroline’s Corner August 2018


What did you miss?

Yes it rained but only towards the end and the umbrellas shielded us very well.

The chatting was fast and furious and carried on much later than usual – I didn’t get home until midnight! Contacts were exchanged and referrals were made. I overheard one person being given names of people he should contact. And my guest who is joining, gave me two contacts in Age UK for a friend of mine. Since I had no idea he was doing some work with Age UK, it made me think that even if you think you know someone pretty well, if you haven’t seen them for some time you don’t know what they’re up to! It highlights the old networking adage – NEVER MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT PEOPLE AND WHO THEY MIGHT KNOW.

Our next meeting is on 5th September at Fox Williams at 10 Finsbury Square with two great speakers starting at 5pm with
Colin Wilson – CEO Business Athlete Ltd translating Sport Coaching into Interim leadership Roles

Jon Downing – Untangling the Blockchain – separating fact from fiction.
Our monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th September starting with Colin Wilson at 5pm. After introductions and networking Jon Downing will Untangle the Blockchain at 6.30pm
WHERE: Fox Williams LLP, 10 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AF

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