Caroline’s Corner – February 2018


What did you miss? A speaker who was once arrested for spying!

Guests came through a mixture of personal invitations, Linkedin and one through a google search for a networking group.
Guests enrich our lives and conversations – please invite a guest to the next meeting on Wednesday 7th March at the National Liberal Club when we have Paul Wearmouth talking about 5 star service and Sue Milton talking about governance.

The Titanic, the Butterfly and U

Brett Sadler piqued our interest with the images of the Titanic and the Butterfly and even more so when he was asked to cite three things not many people know about him – once arrested for spying, at racing driver school he was fastest by 6 seconds and he has the complete business background,
including working in accounts!
Titanic thinking is flawed thinking based on past premises.
•    It involves systems inertia e.g. a 10 year strategy that doesn’t change.
•    Response to threat that is first denial, then going back to what has been e.g. Brexit.
•    Next reconciliation and collaboration to arrive at a solution.
The iceberg has 4 levels
Superficial – the one we can all see where we complain, work round, don’t solve = lose/lose
Logical – just under the water, using rational mind for temporary fix, no buy in = win/lose
Empathetic – creative level, exchange ideas and new ones emerge. Solve big problems = win/win
Transformation – metamorphic change destroys all the old ideas and then rebuilds = win/win/win
In the chrysalis all the caterpillar’s cells change function. It is literally transformed into the butterfly, which dries out its wings and then flies off as quickly as possible.
This ties in with Otto Sharma’s Theory U
Observe/ observe/ observe
Retreat and Reflect
Ideas into Rapid Action

Business is changing rapidly – what is your personal Titanic? What are your hidden assumptions precluding you from change?
Technology is disrupting accepted ways of doing business – what will the world be like in 2050?
Answer questions
Listen to your listening
Have transformative conversations

New members
Nick Looby – our speaker from October 2017 has just joined and will also be speaking at the Interest Group session in May. His subject is communication and the rise of the Modern Zombies.
Karen Taplin – a Partner with Positive Momentum is a coach, trainer, facilitator and consultant with a no nonsense approach to achieve business and personal performance.
Peter Crawshaw – Helping companies develop new perspectives and insights to have more effective and efficient integrated MARCOMS.
Jeremy Capo-Bianco – Providing strategic financial planning and generational business transfer
Martin Knowles – Helping businesses achieve breakthroughs in their key account relationships and channel strategies.

Career Interest Group

Peter Fennah, an experienced Career Coach, gave us six things to think about as we enter a new organisation and had us doing some work to discuss the various issues. He said:
‘Leadership is a process not a position’
70+% of executives have difficulties adjusting to a new position or new company because they are:
•    navigating unfamiliar waters and unexpected cultural potholes
•    coping with an exponential increase in complexity
•    managing former peers
•    need to build a leadership team and deliver through others
•    need to establish a personal leadership brand and prepare for increased visibility
•    use onboarding strategies – Where is the power? What’s the problem?

Thank you for reading this far – come and hear Paul Wearmouth and Sue Milton on 7th March at the National Liberal Club. Starts at 5pm with Sue talking about governance and Paul at 6pm. First time guests are free. Drinks and nibbles at 7.30.

WHERE: National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HB

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