Caroline’s Corner – September 2017



What did you miss at the AGM on 4th September?

The recent AGM was very successful and we were able to discuss relevant issues.

The Committee is helping move the group onwards in 2017 and we have some new Committee members, as well as the usual suspects!
Chair is still me, Caroline Swain – encouraging you to meet new people
Treasurer – great job by Peter Giles
Speaker finder – the brilliant Terry Irwin (who is looking for someone to take over – could it be you?)
Marketing, all those great looking e-shots – Andrew Cross
Vetting new members – Larry Watson
Interim Interest Group – hard working Karen Jones and Garry Hirth
NED Interest Group – New member Thomas Saltiel
Ian Watkins
Calum Byers
Beata Green
Susan Wallace
Neville Sander

New members, new ideas – watch this space!

Pensions Panel
I realise that some people will have thought that pensions is not the most riveting subject, but our panel really knew their stuff and made it interesting with lots of information and aspects to think about.
The Panel
Simon Ricca – Prospect Financial Planning (helped Sean Clancy make the most of his pension funds)
Nigel Kern and Kevin Burge – Pensions Advisory Service
Nigel Sloame – Nigel Sloame & Co
Richard Owen – Booming Lives retirement information club

Bring a GUEST
Keep the membership growing by bringing a guest to each meeting. Their first visit is FREE.

Networking works!
Raise your profile in the network and be seen. Michael Winslow participated as a Panel Member for the Interim group and a number of members contacted him afterwards to get his help.
Do you have a story of generating business or a useful contact? Please let us know…….

If you know of any good value or sponsored meeting locations, please let us know.

The Network is changing and responding to current members’ needs. We are developing a new broadcast stream which will allow members to let others know what they do and how they can help other members. You will be opted in automatically but will be able to opt out very easily. But why would you, when you can capitalise on the amassed expertise?

Who, from your circle of contacts would benefit from XTEND’s wide network?
Bring someone to the next meeting and help them XTEND their potential.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the XTEND speakers and networking meetings by booking your place as soon as possible.

XTEND was formerly TEN – The Executive Network