May 23

Caroline’s Corner – April 2018

What did you miss on 9th April? Two excellent speakers – Lincoln on Linkedin and Graham on “Is the internet killing your business?” Lincoln Coutts Started with some interesting facts: LinkedIn is 15 years old and has 25 million members in the UK, 550 million worldwide. Most connected countries in order are UAE, Netherlands, Singapore,.

May 23

Caroline’s Corner – March 2018

Venues Thank you to all those members who have suggested alternative venues in response to Sue and Joan’s request. They are being explored for viability and cost, so we hope to be going to some interesting new places in 2019 for our normal monthly meetings. Our wine tasting on 5th June will be in a.

February 26

Caroline’s Corner – February 2018

What did you miss? A speaker who was once arrested for spying! Guests came through a mixture of personal invitations, Linkedin and one through a google search for a networking group. Guests enrich our lives and conversations – please invite a guest to the next meeting on Wednesday 7th March at the National Liberal Club when.

January 31

Caroline’s Corner – January 2018

What did you miss? 2018 started with two of the best talks I’ve ever seen and heard. NED Interest Group Peter Reichwald seen on the left talking to Calum Byers, one of our Committee members, gave us his top 7 tips to find an NED role. 1. Have a passion 2. Know your territory 3..

January 29

Highlights of 2017 from the Chair

We started 2017 with the Interim Interest Group looking at ways to increase daily rates and a philosophical question from Cliff Findlay – Business or Life: Which Comes First. Cliff challenged us to proactively manage our time to get the most of out of all aspects of our lives. February saw two very lively, engaging.

October 11

Caroline’s Corner – September 2017

WHAT HAPPENED AT XTEND – SEPTEMBER 2017 What did you miss at the AGM on 4th September? The recent AGM was very successful and we were able to discuss relevant issues. The Committee is helping move the group onwards in 2017 and we have some new Committee members, as well as the usual suspects! Chair.

January 19

How to be a successful Business Woman

HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMAN Great things may come from anyone, regardless of gender. Each year, more and more women launch and lead their own businesses. The advancements made by female entrepreneurs often reach enormous heights and make male business owners scratch their heads. However, the path of women in business is not.

January 19

20 leadership habits that hold you back (article by Terry Irwin)

20 leadership habits that hold you back Everyone has a few bad habits. Which of the following are holding you back? Put a tick against those you think you should work on. 1. Winning too much Leading US executive educator Marshall Goldsmith notes that the hypercompetitive need to best others “underlies nearly every other behavioural.