June 25

June update – June 2019

What did you miss? Simon Lawson, Chairman of a large building supply business explained how his business had grown to its current size of £100m by staying true to its basic Quaker principles. ‘Can the employee and employer serve each other for the greater good – while still being a profitable business?’ asked Simon Lawson.

May 10

Calum’s Corner – May 2019

The theme for our May meeting was how to deal with a cyber security breach.  The session was expertly facilitated by Cyber Rescue who set up a board-room simulation of a breach situation in which we were asked to decide on appropriate responses at each stage.   The impact of a breach on all aspects.

April 15

Calum’s Corner – April 2019

What did you miss? Our April meeting was held at the Lansdowne Club where we welcomed four new members; Kofi Atuah, Mark Cardale, Fred Firmin and Andrew Newton. We also had two guests – who we hope may become members in the future, continuing the momentum in new membership that is starting to happen. The.

March 18

Calum’s Corner – March 2019

What did you miss? On March 5th we met at the National Liberal Club for networking and to hear Christian Rodwell.  Despite the cold weather, we had a strong turnout of members and welcomed 7 guests attending for the first time. Christian gave us a lively presentation on how to grow a business using the.

February 7

Calum’s Corner February 2019

For our second event of the year, we met at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists to hear Professor Ruth Bender give an insightful and amusing talk on corporate governance. The room was full, with ten guests joining a good cross-section of XTEND members.  The guests, many of whom had corporate finance or governance expertise,.

January 20

Calum’s Corner January 2019

We got the year off to a fine start with our first session in 2019 at the Lansdowne Club. We welcomed several guests and a new member – Nick Ridley – and then had a very interesting talk from publisher Richard Hagen. GK Chesterton had said that “everyone has a book in them – but.

December 31

Calum’s Corner December 2018

We had a good turn-out of members and guests for our final session of the year – Christmas Drinks. Davy’s put on a good selection of food and as the conversation flowed so did the wine (or was it the other way round?) We’re now finalising the speaker list for next year with an interesting.

December 10

Calum’s Corner November 2018

Nick Diprose of Holdsway gave us a very practical and up to the minute view of the interim market today. He contended that the interim market has not changed in essence from when it first started, but that companies quite often did not understand the value of the intermediary to source the right person. Nick’s.

November 8

AGM Election Broadcast October 2018

Hello everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Chair of XTEND. After four years leading the group, Caroline is going to support me as Vice Chair for the next year. XTEND has been a successful networking organisation for almost 20 years now and I am excited about the opportunity.

September 24

Caroline’s Corner September 2018

What did you miss? Colin Wilson – Business Athlete Top athletes report achieving 90% of their potential, whereas non-athletes report achieving only 40%. Colin’s contention is that business people can improve their performance by using the principles and techniques that top athletes use. Preparation is the key for a top performance. The steps are plan,.