November 25

Thomas’s Thoughts – November 2020

Knowns and Unknowns, Lights and Tunnels Dear Members, Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense, coined the famous “…known knowns; … known unknowns; … also unknown unknowns…”. 2020 has certainly given us all a fair share of “knowns and unknowns”: Covid-19 pandemic, US Presidential Election, Brexit outcome and – as the elephant in the room.

November 25

Thomas’s Thoughts – September 2020

Dear Members, As I pen the first of my column as the new Chairman of XTEND, following our AGM last week, I would like to echo the Committee’s warmest thanks to Calum Byers for his quiet but strong leadership over the last couple of years. Calum has agreed to stay on the Committee and I.

March 24

Calum’s Corner – March 2020

Dear members and friends of the XTEND network, Contents: Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update Networking in quarantine March event roundup 1. Coronavirus/Covid-19 As the spread of Covid-19 continues and the government places rules and guidance on group activities I am writing to tell you what we are doing in the XTEND network. Based on the latest Government advice.

March 4

Calum’s Corner – February 2020

What did you miss? Our meeting on the 11th February was at the Lansdowne Club, where we had invited a panel of experienced Non-Exec Directors to talk about how to get onto a board and what the challenges were as a board member. After welcoming two guests and one new member, Thomas Saltiel introduced the.

November 28

Calum’s Corner – November 2019

What did you miss? We had our last presentation for the year on Wednesday 13th November at the National Liberal Club. Our speaker was Bob Ferguson, who gave us an inspiring overview of the differences between Persuading, Motivating and Inspiring people. He illustrated his point by suggesting that no matter how good a leader’s speeches.

September 25

Calum’s Corner – September 2019

What did you miss? The first session of our new year was held in September at the Lansdowne Club. Following some networking, the guests introduced themselves and were welcomed to the meeting. We then started the AGM part of the session. It’s been a good year, with 13 new members ( and 3 in progress).

August 20

Calum’s Corner – July 2019

What did you miss? Our annual summer barbeque took place on the 17th July at the National Liberal Club. Sitting on the terrace we were able to enjoy the pleasant summer weather until the very end when there was a brief shower – although we hardly noticed it under the large umbrellas. As ever at.

June 25

June update – June 2019

What did you miss? Simon Lawson, Chairman of a large building supply business explained how his business had grown to its current size of £100m by staying true to its basic Quaker principles. ‘Can the employee and employer serve each other for the greater good – while still being a profitable business?’ asked Simon Lawson.

May 10

Calum’s Corner – May 2019

The theme for our May meeting was how to deal with a cyber security breach.  The session was expertly facilitated by Cyber Rescue who set up a board-room simulation of a breach situation in which we were asked to decide on appropriate responses at each stage.   The impact of a breach on all aspects.

April 15

Calum’s Corner – April 2019

What did you miss? Our April meeting was held at the Lansdowne Club where we welcomed four new members; Kofi Atuah, Mark Cardale, Fred Firmin and Andrew Newton. We also had two guests – who we hope may become members in the future, continuing the momentum in new membership that is starting to happen. The.