Event – Monday 1st October 2018


AGM & Monthly Meeting – 6pm

Monday 1st October 2018 

Address Details: The Lansdowne Club, 9 Fitzmaurice Place, Mayfair, London W1J 5JD

The Club Dress Code must be adhered to by everyone entering the club. Men must wear a conventional jacket and collared shirt and ladies must be smartly dressed.

Paul Hunter

Accelerated Disruption: What next for Uber and You?

Digital technology isn’t the only cause of major disruption to business in recent times, but it is certainly one of the biggest. Some organisations such as Uber were born disrupted, but has their transformation journey now stopped? Definitely not. In this presentation we will explore how Uber might deal with the challenge of further disruption, but more importantly we will orient our discussion towards the question of “What does disruption mean to you?”

In seeking an answer, we will introduce the fundamentals of advanced strategy and leadership practices; in the context of surviving and thriving in an era of extreme technological and sociological change.

This presentation will appeal to Corporate Executives and Directors, Entrepreneurs and Consultants seeking insightful and innovative solutions to the challenge of an ever changing technological, social and political environment.

Your attendance at this event will provide you with:

  • The motivation to embrace rather than fear disruption, and to understand how its management can contribute to sustainability and new opportunity.
  • Insight into the mechanics of dealing with disruption; the three elements being critical thinking, the structuring of strategy, and the application of advanced technology.
  • An appreciation of methods, skills and techniques that will help you to get started on a journey of disruption in general and the challenge of accelerated disruption in particular.

About Paul: An executive development professional who specialises in the disciplines of Strategy and Leadership

Paul’s current role is Managing Director of smiknowledge and the Strategic Management Institute (SMI). In his past role he was co-founder of an independent consulting firm, and before that he was a Partner at PwC whom he joined following an extensive career in finance and accounting in industry. Paul holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree.

  • Publications:
    • The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy (Routledge, 2016)
    • Currently writing: Strategy Remastered Fieldbook
    • Chapter in Corporate Universities Mars University; Raising the Bar, Rademakers (Routledge, 2014)
    • Strategy and leadership course orchestrater and writer: Available online www.smiknowledge.com/) or in face to face, tailored solutions (or blending of each).
  • Presenter: Paul has presented in many national and international conferences and events including the 2017 SMS Conference held in Houston

Paul enjoys writing and is a keen follower of international rugby. He loves to spend his spare time observing and exploring the culture of fellow humans located in the many far flung corners of the glorious planet Earth.