Event: Monday 7th October 2019



Monthly Meeting – 6pm

Monday 7th October 2019

Address Details: National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE

Andrew MacLeod

‘Geopolitical Risk – a Business Issue’

The world is going through the ‘Sixth great human transition’. Are we ready for this change?

The world is going through the ‘Sixth great human transition’. Unlike the other translations that took a couple of centuries, this one is taking 20 years and we are already 10 years through it. Africa is fundamentally changing, China’s Belt Road is reshaping the globe and Brexit plus Trump signal a fundamental change in the role of both Britain and the US on the global scale. Are we ready for this change?

Who is this aimed for?

Business leaders, those interested in political risk and those interested in global affairs.

What will the audience gain from it?

Audience members will leave thinking ‘I’ve never thought about it that way before and now I am more empowered to understand future risks and opportunities’.

Professor MacLeod has experience in high-level commercial, financial, academic, diplomatic and humanitarian posts. He brings a powerful and disciplined mind to his business, philanthropic and humanitarian tasks. Having worked across cultures and sectors, he adds a genuine diversity of thinking and experiences to the teams he joins or leads.

His expertise allows him to simplify complexity, institute change management, create focused strategies, construct diverse partnerships, and build high performing, cross-cultural teams. A leading communicator MacLeod is effective on major TV networks globally, including BBC World and CNN. He is a master public speaker and a published author.

Professor MacLeod is founder of www.HearTheirCrie.org a charity aimed at ending sexual abuse of children by aid workers. He is a champion swimmer (and won a Silver medal at the world masters games for the 200m butterfly).