Event: Tuesday 2nd April 2019


Monthly Meeting – 6pm

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Address Details: The Lansdowne Club, 9 Fitzmaurice Place, Mayfair, London W1J 5JD

The Club Dress Code must be adhered to by everyone entering the club. Men must wear a conventional jacket and collared shirt and ladies must be smartly dressed.

Ges Ray – Founder, Speaking in Public

‘From Expert to Leader’. What is the user experience? How does it feel to be in that process? Where does it lead to?

If you attended the January meeting (Richard Hagen, mPowr Publishing) – or even if you didn’t! – you may be considering your ecosystem, your paradigm, your audience. Where is the fit with your business, your expertise? How do you bridge that gap from Expert to Leader?

Ges Ray – XTEND member – is in partnership with mPowr, from authoring a book to building products, so well placed to answer your questions from a ‘warts and all’ insider viewpoint.

Ges will:
• Deliver a micro workshop – ‘How do you avoid being a boring speaker?’ – at the core of his time-for-money business, building your confidence in public speaking
• Describe the process of being professionally coached to author a book on your expertise
• Demonstrate the business paradigm evolution, leading to the building of a nascent product based business

Speaker Bio: 
Founder and Chief Public Speaking Confidence Builder at Speaking in Public, keynote speaker and author of ‘Speak Performance’, Ges delivers skill building workshops, keynotes and 1-2-1’s with takeaways that you can put into use immediately.

Built on four decades of commercial roles – ex bank manager, business development manager in several SME’s – together with four decades of public speaking, delivering workshops, Keynotes, MC and even radio broadcasting, Ges delivers an effective mix of business & presenting experience to equip you and your team with the skills to build your confidence in public speaking, with 130+ testimonials on LinkedIn.

A love of choral singing – rumbling on bottom C with the 2nd basses – also brings a unique slant on how to use your most valuable instrument, your voice! Ges is also Vice Chairman and Trustee of the Leith Hill Musical Festival, and Trustee of NewSPAL, a new CIO seeking to rescue the Surrey Performing Arts Library from disappearing amidst the budget cuts by Surrey County Council.

Ges welcomes talking with you, whether that’s on LinkedIn, email or a good old-fashioned coffee conversation.