Event: Tuesday 6th January 2015


Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 6th January 2015 – 6pm

Address Details: Minster Exchange, Minster Pavement, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7PP

Speaker: Paul Lower: Visiting Lecturer on the Henley Business School MBA Programme.

‘Building a winning business model and surviving disruptive innovation’

At the heart of every successful company is a winning business model that creates and delivers real value to customers in a profitable way, using the organisation’s key resources and processes. But even the most admired companies and industries can be wrong-footed by the emergence of the kind of disruptive innovation that can undermine established business models and even destroy entire industries. Based on my own experience in a “disrupted industry” we will examine the components of a winning business model and look at how the opportunities for disruption arise, and the defence that might be mounted by its potential victims.

The presentation is aimed at business owners and managers focused on how value can be created and delivered to existing, and new customers, in order to grow sales revenue, profit and shareholder value.

The audience will gain:
• An explanation of the key components of a winning business model
• An insight in to how customers define value and make buying decisions
• A working knowledge of how to develop a successful profit formula
• An understanding of how key processes and skills build strategic capability
• Awareness of the threat of disruptive innovation and its destructive impact

Paul Lower FCMA CGMA FInstLM

Paul is an experienced trainer in finance, strategy, innovation and leadership skills; he is a visiting lecturer on the Henley Business School MBA programme and coaches CEO’s of small and medium sized companies. Paul is also a seasoned business executive: after training in world-class companies, including Asda, H J Heinz and Pfizer, he gained more than twenty years experience as Finance Director of a number of international companies with music, book publishing and retail interests.

During the 1990’s he was part of a management team that grew a business from start-up to be eventually sold for more than £130m. He later became a director of a major European media group and was involved in its turnaround. After establishing his own consulting company he was subsequently invited to join the board of an international company with retail and book publishing interests. Paul identifies his greatest strength as his ability to communicate the principles of finance and strategy and it was this that led to his later focus on training and business coaching.
Paul holds a private pilot’s licence and when business commitments and UK weather conditions permit he flies a vintage De Havilland Chipmunk aircraft.

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