Event: Tuesday 7th April 2020



Monthly Meeting – 6pm

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Address Details: The National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE

Amanda Sokell

‘Unlocking Productivity – The Role of Quality in Business’

Unlike the rest of Europe, the UK seems trapped in a vicious cycle of poor productivity which can’t even be blamed on Brexit – it’s been happening since 2008. This session looks at the impact that stagnating productivity in the UK is having on the profitability of businesses and their employees’ wage packets and examines what causes poor productivity and how we can combat it.

Aimed at businesses with up to 500 people, and their advisors.

What will I learn?

• understand the impact of poor productivity
• recognise the signs of a productivity problem
• understand the root cause of poor productivity
• identify the productivity culture of an organisation
• understand the four key levers to increase productivity

Amanda Sokell is a popular speaker, author, founder & MD, entrepreneur, polymath, creative, and educationalist; lover of learning, chocolate, dancing and difference.

A process and productivity expert, Amanda helps companies thrive, whether that’s identifying creative solutions, developing process, implementing software or taking a strategic look at productivity. She particularly enjoys working with companies who have goods, with all the logistical challenges these present.

Outside work she can be found running a Code Club for primary school children, managing the money for a large Junior Hockey Club and sitting on the governing board of a large primary school.