Event: Tuesday 9th June 2020

Zoom Meeting

XTEND Monthly Meeting 6.00 pm

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Calum Byers

Schiltron Associates Ltd

“Building a Personal Resilience Toolkit”

Understanding what resilience is and how we can learn to be more resilient is particularly important as we deal with the Covid 19 crisis and try to understand what the new normal looks like.

This interactive session looks at how we can define resilience and what this suggests about how we can learn to handle difficult times more effectively. We will explore how the threats to our well being have evolved over time, and the implications this has for how we can process them in order to ensure the best outcomes. By considering what resources and tools we each have at our disposal – and by learning from each other – we can build a readily accessible “toolkit” that we can access when we are facing adversity.

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More about Calum Byers

After a 30-year career in telecoms and software, I set up my consulting business a few years ago. I am now focussing on executive coaching and team facilitation, with a wide range of corporate, government and start-up clients. I am an ICF accredited coach and have recently completed an MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change with a particular focus on how purpose in life can impact on resilience.