Event: Wednesday 13th May 2020


Zoom Meeting

XTEND Monthly Meeting 6.30 pm
Wednesday 13th May 2020



Jane Adshead-Grant

“The Power of Independent Thinking and Why it Matters

During the session guests will:

  • Discover what it takes to generate high quality thinking in self and others
  • Experience generative listening
  • Understand why independent thinking matters, more than ever now

This will be an interactive session with an opportunity to connect and think through a topic of your choice, in pairs, to forward your thoughts and ideas further in a safe and confidential environment.

Additionally, we will invite your thoughts on ‘what changes do you hope will be sustained as we re-emerge from this crisis?’ in support of your services and business in the future.

As a result of discovering independent thinking, examples of Jane’s clients have increased their team engagement to 100%, secured a £1million contract and re-discovered meaning and purpose in their work, leading to significant feelings of fulfilment.

The session will be held via Zoom.

We will also be using www.menti.com as a way to engage with you and so please have your smart phone or additional tab on your computer open to access this tool.

Some tips to help you make the most out of this virtual experience:

  1. Please do check your technology before the meeting (If you follow the meeting links and go to settings there will be a way to check your camera and microphone are working. You will be able to adjust microphone levels so you don’t need to shout)
  2. Please do turn on your cameras and be prepared to be on screen. We aim to make our meeting as interactive as possible and this helps considerably.
  3. From time to time the bandwidth may be reduced. In my experience, it will come back, and so simply pausing and waiting for it to settle, is helpful.
  4. Please be present as though you were in the room. When joining in remotely it is always very tempting to get distracted by emails etc. so please turn off email notifications and turn your mobile phone to airplane mode.
  5. Try to sit far enough away from the camera so we can see the top half of your body – this helps others see hand gestures and body language.
  6. Please situate your camera so you are looking into it, ideally at eye level (simply propping a laptop on some books gives a much better angle than on the desk)
  7. Ideally locate yourself in a quiet space to avoid too much background noise.
  8. A well-lit room will really help with video quality and avoid sitting in front of a window as this creates glare.
  9. Dress code is to be comfortable; what you would wear that says to yourself ‘I matter’. Feeling that you matter will help you generate more of your best thinking.