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Event: Wednesday 17th April, 2013



Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 17th April 2013 – 6pm

Address Details:
Minster Exchange, Minster Pavement, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7PP

Paul Smith

‘Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage from New Digital Marketing’

  • How digital marketing can strengthen sustainable competitive
    advantage, boost sales and ROI
  • How to avoid the classic digital marketing mistakes that throw
    away sales, ROI & competitive advantage

How do you create sustainable competitive advantage?

Marketing author, Paul Smith explores the sources of sustainable competitive advantage and unearths the two real sources that all businesses need to nurture.

Paul shows how easy it is to grow these two ‘hidden’ assets to secure both long term survival and growth by applying basic marketing principles. He then introduces the new digital tools that accelerate the strengthening of these, longer term, sustainable competitive advantages whilst also generating short term growth in revenues and profits.

From the social media revolution to new social business models,  from digital body language to automated marketing , from content marketing to remarketing, Paul shows how new digital marketing can grow any business.

He shows how easy it is for organisations to exploit these new marketing tools and techniques and to avoid the classic mistakes made by major brands. It does require a CEO with vision, and an understanding of the power of new digital marketing.

To book please go to: www.theexecutivenetwork.org

The cost for members is £10

Guests who meet the membership criteria of The Executive Network are most welcome. Please send a brief biography/LinkedIn profile to Joan & Sue.

The cost for guests is £10

Cancellations must be made by notifying us by email at [email protected] Members and guests who cancel at least 3 days prior to the event will receive a full refund.

Paul Smithadvises organisations, mentors managers and runs workshops on digital marketing www.prsmith.org  His‘What’s New In Digital Marketing?’ video
introduces his latest book on digital marketing http://tinyurl.com/cbxkc68

Paul’s six books are translated into 7 languages and his SOSTACR Planning System is used all over the world.  Paul also founded the innovative educational programme, The Great Sportsmanship Programme, which boosts literacy and behaviour amongst youths through true 2 minute stories via social media and offline tools www.GreatSportsmanship.org




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