Oct 17

Event: Wednesday 7th November 2012


Your name is your business

Speaker: David Robertson Mitchell, dna-rB

Address Details: Abacus, 24 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND (Change of Venue)

Your name is your business.

Whether you are running a business or trading as yourself, your reputation and the way you are perceived by others is critical to your success. In this era of social media, reputations can be made or broken in an instant and many people have given no thought to managing this aspect of their business lives. David Robertson Mitchell will explain the importance of having a strong personal brand, and explore how you can use the principles and techniques from the world of corporate branding to take control of the way you are perceived.

About the speaker

I am David Robertson Mitchell, founder of dna-rB, where I teach people whose ‘name is their business’ how to build a strong personal brand.

I’ve been fascinated by brand for a long time now. Having worked in the technology industry for 20 years, for companies such as Dell, Intel and Xerox, I’ve had an opportunity to study how brand can impact the success of a business and the way both employees and customers feel about the company.

A successful brand will set high expectations with their customers. But this is not the whole story; to be truly successful, brands must then deliver an experience that meets or exceeds those expectations. Brand is more a than just short-term image, it is about building long term value in the mind of the customer.

Through dna-rB, I take some of the concepts and tools from the corporate branding world and apply them to individuals who recognise their business will be more successful if they have a strong personal brand.

Please explore my site, watch my videos and learn more about how building a strong personal brand could benefit you and your business.



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