Event: XTEND meeting via Zoom 18 August 2020

Zoom meeting

XTEND Monthly Meeting – 6.00 pm

Tuesday 18th August 2020
Address Details: Webinar via Zoom
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David Henson:

Top-Tips for Tip-Top Slide Presentations


This talk will benefit anyone who has to present to any size audience and who wants to know how to use slides in the most effective way.

The idea behind the talk is to give people some tools that they can immediately take away and use in their slide presentations. I aim to deliver this in a fun way which includes the odd interruption by Bad Dave whose ideas about slides are somewhat at odds with my own.

Takeaways for the audience

1. When to use slides and, just as importantly, when not to use slides.
2. All about using images in slides – what, how, why.
3. The one big tip that will transform your slide presentations overnight (to be revealed)

  • About David Henson
    Trained in photography, photographic processing and audio-visual production, David Henson set up The Regent Slide Company in 1986 and spent 13 years producing and imaging thousands of 35mm slides for many and varied businesses. But it wasn’t until he joined the Professional Speaking Association in 2016 that he realised that even good speakers produce bad slides. And now he’s on a crusade to eradicate excruciatingly boring slide presentations and to teach people how to produce slides that wow their audience and that make their talks memorable and effective.
    He does this in a number of ways:
  1. By selling his book ‘Your Slides Suck!’ (www.theslidepresentationman.co.uk/book)
  2. By giving talks on presentations. (This link shows a 10-minute talk given at the Professional Speaking Association in London: www.theslidepresentationman.co.uk/speaking-slides)
  3. By designing and producing presentations(www.theslidepresentationman.co.uk/slidepresentation-design)
  4. And by delivering workshops. (www.theslidepresentationman.co.uk/slide-presentationworkshop)

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