Gordon Walker


Working in the UK and internationally I have sold and delivered IT services to clients across different sectors in the UK and abroad. I now trouble shoot IT services and provide executive coaching.
I have led multinational teams designing and executing complex service transitions, been the account executive on multimillion pound contracts and was the business operations director for the UK private sector business with a turnover above £400m and sales of over £300m per annum.
Alongside these roles, I specialised in resolving client disputes in the UK and abroad. Most recently, I rebuilt trust with a retail client to sign a new five-year services contract through increased client access and transparency, enhanced services and significant commercial savings while retaining a significant relationship and reference for the company.
Throughout my career I have proactively supported staff development, designing and delivering accelerated staff development programmes and training courses and providing coaching support to peers and staff at all grades.
Having reinforced my coaching experience with a professional certificate from Henley, I now focus on the turnaround, trouble-shooting work and executive coaching. I coach individuals, but also use professional coaching to create sustainable and resilient dispute resolutions.

Top Three Things
Trouble shooting outsourced IT services to improve value, transparency and effectiveness
Providing executive coaching to support career transition, ambition and success through enhanced personal awareness and effectiveness
IT contract dispute services providing sustainable resolution through mediation and renegotiation

How Has TEN helped you so far?
Having just joined the network the thing that has helped me most is being invited to join and seeing the wide diversity of support that is available.

How Can You Help TEN ?
I am willing to provide some initial executive coaching pro bono and informal discussion about approaches to IT service improvement and dispute resolution.

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