Highlights from January to June 2016 from the Chair

  • We are trying different formats for our sessions this year and January began with a speaker, David Adams, talking about creativity followed by a dinner at the National Liberal Club. The food was delicious and people were enjoying their conversations so much that they resisted being moved on!
  • February was a real departure from our normal sessions as we orchestrated speed networking at the Lansdowne Club. One member, who had been looking for an interim position for more than a year, was introduced to Odgers by someone he met at the networking session and 2 weeks later started in a new role. Networking at its best!
  • The March meeting took place at the wonderful Nabarro offices with 2 presentations. The Interim group had Ben Stones talking about Prophet Profiling for senior executives and the main speaker was lawyer turned social media expert, Kevin Poulter, talking about the use of Social Media in the workplace.
  • The April meeting was hosted by Fox Williams and again we were trying a different format, so we had a panel for the Non Executive group on dealing with difficult Boards. And the main meeting panel talked about networking for results. Both sessions gave us new viewpoints and interesting discussions.
  • May saw the popular wine tasting event held at Davy’s in Woolgate, preceded by a talk for the Interim group by Rupert Dobson of Hoggett Bowers. Davy’s lovely French wine expert, explained the background to the wines and we enjoyed supping.
  • In June we were again at the National Liberal Club to hear Anthony Harper of Touchwood Talent talk about the interim market. This was followed by Nicola Horlick, who had literally just arrived from Los Angeles, talking about crowd funding.