Highlights of 2017 from the Chair

  • We started 2017 with the Interim Interest Group looking at ways to increase daily rates and a philosophical question from Cliff Findlay – Business or Life: Which Comes First. Cliff challenged us to proactively manage our time to get the most of out of all aspects of our lives.
  • February saw two very lively, engaging presentations at Fox Williams’ lovely offices, hosted by Helen Farr. The Interim Group was addressed by Mark Williams, Mr. LinkedIn, who gave us some valuable tips on using LinkedIn and how it is changing. Followed by Mick Yates on the Privacy Paradox, very apt considering how much information sites like LinkedIn know and store about us.
  • In March we had a slightly different format – 3 presentations on Business Development from three very different points of view.
    The Business story – Adrian Coleman and Stephanie Brimacombe from VCCP told us the exciting account of VCCP’s meteoric growth.
    The Academic – Mark Hollyoake on his research into trust in the B2B customer relationship.
    The Practitioner – David Baldwin-Evans is an XTEND member who shared his extensive, successful experience in growing B2B businesses.
  • The April meeting started with the NED Group and a fascinating presentation by Murray Steele, a seriously well networked, long time NED. He gave us lots of examples, as well as the definition of a good NED – A Multifaceted Paragon with the Interpersonal Skills of a Saint.
    Dave Hall then challenged us to think differently, with many anecdotes and examples, Thinking Money Down the Drain, because brainstorming doesn’t work.
  • May was a new experience. A wine tasting in the only winery in London, London Cru. We were treated to a knowledgeable and fascinating talk on the development of the winery and of course, a delicious number of wines to taste. For me it was the perfect antidote to the funeral I had attended earlier.
  • Mark Fritz is originally American. He always presents with energy, humour and immense credibility and the fact that it was 4th July seemed to get the sparks flying even higher. He shared important influence strategies and approaches (backed up by research) to influence in 360 Degrees…especially peer influence. One of his points really struck home for me – Influence is WHY (people who only know how are always led by people who know why).• The 9th August unfortunately turned out to be one of the wettest days of the summer, forcing us to abandon the Terrace and the BBQ to eat inside. We still had barbecued meat but it wasn’t quite the same…………………next year we hope for sunshine. However, the chatting and exchanging views carried on regardless.

    • I realise that some people will have thought that pensions is not the most riveting subject, but our panel really knew their stuff and made it interesting with lots of information and aspects to think about. The room at Fox Williams is perfect for a panel discussion – big enough for our numbers but small enough to encourage participation.
    The Panel
    Simon Ricca – Prospect Financial Planning (helped Sean Clancy make the most of his pension funds)
    Nigel Stern and Kevin Burge – Pensions Advisory Service
    Nigel Sloam – Nigel Sloam & Co
    Richard Owen – Booming Lives retirement information club

    • In October we were back at the National Liberal Club to hear Nick Looby talk about slaying the communication zombies. It is time for a proper conversation. The trick here is to separate the zombie from his source of ‘brains’, the PC, laptop or tablet that is sucking the life out of human interaction. Step away, leave your desk, close the lid on your zombie device and take notice of the real person before you. You will soon see the mist lifting from their eyes and humanity returning and then you can really make some progress.

    Bob Hartley, as a long serving member of the Interim Group Committee, gave us a swansong in November at the Lansdowne Club, with a great insight into the changing world of Interims and what you need to know to become an Interim now. He then explained how he had planned, and the steps he had taken, to retire before the age of 60!

    • He was followed by our very own Dexter Moscow, who introduced the M.O.S.C.O.W. method – a practical self help guide to excelling at business pitching, presenting and speech making, in order to get your message about your ideas, products or services across to a wider audience.

    • The year finished with our customary Christmas drinks at Davy’s in Woolgate. A convivial time was had by all!

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