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Jan Maciejewski

I have spent most of my corporate career in blue chip technology companies working in many international markets. Primarily my roles have been in business division management with responsibilities for sales, marketing business operations. I am a mentor at Regents University working with international marketing students and also at the business incubator Level 39 working with startup businesses.

Finally I’m a passionate social media evangelist, gadget addict & lover of all things tech and I really enjoy helping business define strategy, develop processes & deliver better content to their clients


What are the top things you would like other members to know about your business?

“I help businesses improve client acquisition & retention by defining business strategy, developing compelling marketing messages & delivering differentiated, bids to their clients.”

“I help businesses to identify & translate product & service features into real, tangible commercial benefits and to deliver a clear message and value proposition”.

“I help business understand the power of social media for lead generation and client retention and help them develop a strategy, create powerful content and deliver winning messaging to grow their business”.

How has TEN helped you so far?

I have met many members who have been incredibly helpful particularly when I first joined and felt a bit lost in the world of running my own business. I got some great support and advice and I have developed many valued relationships.

How can you help TEN?

Anyone who is transitioning into their own business and needs some practical help or if they only want to share stories and experiences along the way I’d be delighted to meet up. If anyone needs professional marketing or sales help or if any of my corporate or international skillset is useful to you please talk to me.
I Improve client acquisition & retention, help 2 define business strategy, develop compelling market messages & deliver differentiated bids.


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