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Sharon Varney

I specialise in developing organisations and people. That involves working at a strategic level, helping to create more effective organisations, and engaging at a very human level, supporting people to manage personal change and transition.

With a cross-sector career in complex, global organisations under my belt, I now run my own organisational consulting and research practice; space for learning.

I thrive on creating clarity in messy and ambiguous change situations. Making sense of the unexpected twists and turns in change often poses a real challenge for leaders, so I’ve developed the Dynamic Patterning framework. The underpinning research has received an international award for outstanding research in the field of leadership and organisation development.

I’ve written articles on transformation for the HR press, and have several published reports on management and organisational development topics. I also write an occasional blog:


What are the top things you would like other members to know about your business?

OD Partner Service – when you need extra help with organisation development

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space for learning – vital in change, and we know how

How has TEN helped you so far?

I had a really interesting conversation at my very first meeting, which led onto new work, and onward recommendations – one thing just leads to another…

How can you help TEN?

TEN is a mixed group with a wealth of expertise. I’m always happy to have a generative conversation to share my insights and learn from others, or to discuss how we can bring our combined skills to bear on collaborative projects.


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