SIG Event – Tuesday 1st April 2014


Personal & Professional Development SIG

Tuesday 1st April 2014 – 4.30pm-5.45pm

Address Details: Minster Exchange, Minster Pavement, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7PP

Career Transition Programme – “More Fees Faster”

Repeat Workshop of the Personal and Professional Development (PPD) SIG on the 8th January 2014 – not for those who have already attended.


“Thanks for an interesting and uplifting session. Already looking forward to the next one”

“Thanks for the session. I really enjoyed the discussion format and feel more energised”

“I really enjoyed the meeting yesterday, especially the open and flexible approach… My instincts tell me that the SIG will be very popular and successful…I will definitely make time to attend and contribute going forward. ”

Who is it for?

Aimed at executives in transition from full-time employment it was abundantly clear from the last session it that the knowledge gained during the workshop was also relevant and applicable to long established practitioners wishing to refresh and enhance existing expertise and share best practice.

So if you are a senior executive who has already made or  is now thinking about making the transition from full-time employment to a life of independence – be that as a consultant, interim or NED come along and share and learn some practical tips that actually work!.

Subject matter established from the last workshop as of special interest:-

Personal barriers – why are you not doing what you know you ought?

Proposition – clarity of purpose and your proposition as a “solopreneur” is a critical requirement for getting to your “next fees faster”.

First Fees Faster

The future beckons—but the job has gone and more importantly your salary has gone with it —and you are now selling the value you add by the £.  Every hour that passes that you don’t or can’t bill is another hour of potential income you have lost — irretrievably lost – forever!

So getting to that first billing day fast is crucial. The sooner you do, the sooner you turn round the negative cash flow that invariably starts on the very first day of your new future.

Our aim is to help you get to that first “fee day” faster.

100 days…..100 actions!

In your first 100 days you can expect to deal with at least 100 actions! – many of which you can of course anticipate based on your business experience but undoubtedly with as many again that will take you by total surprise. These will flow out of the core decisions you will make about such things as

·         your new boss (!)
·         your personal goals (and your partner’s goals for you!)
·         your income potential (have you ever worked out your day rate?)
·         and your income requirements (yes – these can be quite different!)
·         your area of expertise and the customers you choose to target
·         how you will organise your working life
·         and many more.

These actions can be categorised into 7 broad headings. These will no doubt be familiar from your executive life. But you will see from the list below, with the exception of the customer section, they are all about you! Not your team, or the corporate support infrastructure, but you; you and your ability to take on the role of one-man-band, quickly and effectively so that you can turn the dreaded cash outflow into billed cash inflow!

1.       Leadership (You)

2.       People (You)

3.       Finance (Yours)

4.       Marketing (You)

5.       Customers (Them!)

6.       Operations (You)

7.       Admin (You)

We aim to conduct facilitated, fully interactive and participative workshop sessions, in groups, to enable you share and learn how to reach those “first fees faster”.


Leslie Woodcock, is a seasoned independent consultant, who successfully and happily crafted a new career after leaving corporate life more than 15 years ago—so he has been there and done it! He has had the rough and the smooth; the highs and the lows.

As MD he launched the Korean car company Daewoo in the UK and before that had a career lasting 15 years within the Heron Group (Gerald Ronson for those with long enough memories). Strategic planning, marketing planning and strategic change feature in his consulting career.

Larry Watson experienced various transitions in his former engaging career within the Police, a major one being the change from a force to a service.  As Director for more than a decade of The Way Consulting providing training and development expertise he has been consulted by Senior Executive individuals with regard to personal, professional and company evolvement.   He is currently project lead on Police into Private Sector (which supports exactly what the title suggests).  He knows how people can often be their own worst enemy and how they can transform into being their own greatest asset.

Members: Free of charge  Guests: £10

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