Thomas’s Thoughts – December 2020

Join us on 21st December 2020, 6pm to network via Remo

Following requests from members for networking opportunities, we are trialling Remo for our Christmas Networking drinks this Monday starting at 6pm. If you have not already signed up for this it is really easy to do so on this link:

Of course we would prefer seeing everyone at our usual Christmas Drinks at Davy’s, but as the majority of us will be in Tier 3 on Monday, this is a great way of networking – and please do bring a glass of your favourite drink with you. Allow a couple of minutes to sign in, and if you have a photograph to hand you can easily upload to Remo so everyone can see you and join you at your table (you can also link to LinkedIn and take your photo from there, but it takes a little longer.)

We have arranged for 2 floors of networking, so if you want to have a private talk with someone, you can go to the second floor, or you can stay on the first floor and freely move between tables to talk to different people.

Join us to try Remo this Monday, 21st December, at 6pm and enjoy networking and meeting friends and new faces from the comfort of your home.

If you are not able to join us, I hope that you will enjoy the Christmas break, and consider joining XTEND in 2021, networking and connecting with each other for mutual benefit and support.