Thomas’s Thoughts – January 2021

The XTEND committee worked hard in 2020 to support members and guests, organising 20 events during the year. This has resulted in new XTEND members during the year and opportunities for existing XTEND members to join in events for the first time for a while. Last year and this year, networking is more important than ever.

XTEND – The Executive Network has been around for over 21 years, supporting members and providing opportunities to meet new contacts. During this dramatically changing work environment, networking remains as important as ever, if not more so. Since the pandemic began XTEND has increased the opportunities for members and guests to meet, albeit via Zoom. We will continue to provide these opportunities going forward but look forward to physical meetings again in the future.

Responding to requests, we trialled Remo – a networking platform – at Christmas, and will organise another Remo networking event on the 9th March. We are also looking at other online networking options. If you have any suggestions on how we can support you, or if you have ideas for speakers, please email me or Sue and Joan.

Sat Pillai was our first speaker of the year for XTEND when he explained “The Circular Economy” on Tuesday 12th January. He gave a stimulating and thought provoking discussion on the Circular Economy, and the challenges in transitioning to that model.

Dates for next two meetings (online) are:
Tuesday 9th February 2021: John Mardle: “Climate change: Is flooding a risk to your livelihood?” Book here
Tuesday 9th March 2021
More details will be forthcoming soon.

I hope to see you at our next virtual meeting with XTEND member John Mardle. Climate Change is a global phenomenon, impacting everyone and everything.

Whether you are looking to extend your network, or take advantage of a friendly supportive environment – make 2021 the year that you network with XTEND.


Thomas Saltiel