Who we are

Founded in October 1999, our aim is to ensure our members keep pace with continually accelerating change in the world of business.

XTEND provides multiple avenues for senior business executives to grow and maintain external networks, make new contacts and connect with like-minded professionals.

We provide members with a constant source of information and pool of expertise across a wealth and breadth of industry sectors.
As an independent organisation, we offer you a unique opportunity to grow and maintain your external networks, develop personally and professionally with other members who offer specialists skill sets, in a supportive environment.

Membership is open to all senior executives with board/partnership, executive committee or senior leadership team experience.

Currently, with over 500 members, we are a growing independent organisation, drawing new members from all industry sectors and backgrounds, creating a talent pool from which fellow members can benefit.

If you think XTEND could benefit you, then why not attend one of our upcoming events. Alternatively contact us for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you.