Why join XTEND?

A network of peers with whom to share knowledge, learn from and extend your black book

XTEND – previously known as TEN – was founded in October 1999 to help executives with at least 5 years’ experience at board or division head level keep pace with continually accelerating change in the world of business. With over 500 members, we are a growing independent organisation, drawing members from all industry sectors, functional backgrounds and geographic locations.

XTEND exists for the benefit of all its members.

We welcome people looking to develop their businesses and careers whether they are in long-term employment, have been appointed to a new role, are in between positions, are established as a consultant or interim executive, or are running their own business.

XTEND provides support throughout your career and can help you:

  • Develop and grow an immediate network both for professional and personal support;
  • Access a talent pool of expertise and opinion outside your own sector;
  • Exchange best practice ideas, information and experiences with senior and experienced executives, expanding your knowledge and learning;
  • Identify potential business and career opportunities;
  • Develop your business through new ideas and lead generation opportunities;
  • Access a safe and informed forum in which members can ‘market’ and ‘position’ themselves for the future;
  • Build bonds of friendship and trust which stand the test of time.