In employment

If you recently started a new job or are new to a senior management role, XTEND provides an independent network outside of the organisation you work in to offer support and advice. You could find out more about the sector you now work in and of course, start sharing the latest trends with other members that have common interests.

Equally, if you have been employed in your role for a while, being a member of XTEND offers many useful benefits.

  • You’ll find an external forum where you can further your own personal development;
  • As an expert in your own field you may well be able to coach others;
  • You’ll have the opportunity to tap into our extensive talent pool;
  • You can attend networking events to hear from our varied and interesting keynote speakers and discuss business challenges and solutions with other senior executives from a range of sectors and job roles.

Our employed executives often find they have the most to gain from XTEND – join us at our next event and find out why.