XTEND meeting 9th March 2021, 6pm via Remo

Networking via Remo

XTEND Monthly Meeting – 6.00 pm

Tuesday 9th March 2021

Register in advance for this FREE meeting: hereHeather White

TEDx speaker and ace networker


XTEND Remo Meeting on Tuesday 9th March 2021 from 6pm to 8pm. (5.45pm to make sure everything works)

It is nearly a full year since the first UK lockdown.
Over 20 million people have now been vaccinated against the Covid virus.
The light may really be at the end of the proverbial tunnel.
Many of us wonder how matters are going to shape up in the next year or two.

Whatever the new normal happens to be, several questions spring to mind:
• Does your network remember who you are?
• What do you want to be known for?
• What are the 3 or 6 keywords that define you?
• What do you need to do right now to be front of mind in your network?
Join us for the next XTEND monthly meeting and learn some essential tips and tricks from TEDx speaker and ace networker, Heather White. Discover how to:
• Dust down your expertise
• Improve your impact
• Spruce up your brand
• Revive your contacts effectively.
Register in advance for this FREE meeting here: https://live.remo.co/e/xtend-virtual-networking

Don’t worry if you haven’t used Remo before – you can join 15 minutes early at 5.45pm (when technical support is available) to make sure you are ready to network when we officially start at 6pm.  Allow a couple of minutes to sign in, and if you have a photograph to hand you can easily upload to Remo so everyone can see you and join you at your table (you can also link to LinkedIn and take your photo from there, but it takes a little longer.)

Remo is really easy to use – the committee tested it to make sure that some of us Luddites could cope!  And we found it fun to move around.  When you click on the link and log onto the Remo website you will enter a “room” with tables.  You can choose to move between tables as long as the table is not full – if it is full you just wait for someone to move.

We have arranged for 2 floors of networking, so if you want to have a private talk with someone, you can go to the second floor, or you can stay on the first floor and freely move between tables to talk to different people.

More about Heather from LinkedIn

“I’m a boardroom matchmaker, networking & personal brand expert, and founder of the Boardroom Ready programme, answering the question: “How do you get a boardroom opportunity if you have no previous boardroom experience?”

As a networking & personal brand expert, with decades of experience helping thousands of professionals to network strategically, I was hearing frequently that my clients struggled to find a NED role without proven board experience; so in 2017 I created the Boardroom Ready programme to address just this question.

The sheer joy of my role is to spend vast amounts of time sourcing exactly the right senior executive to match with exactly the right board – that’s a lot of face-to-face meetings and calls, drinking coffee and chatting, and time spent on LinkedIn (and I’ve become something of a LinkedIn expert)! It’s immensely rewarding to know I am contributing to creating the next generation of leaders, ready for the challenges of the Boardroom.”

See more on her LinkedIn profile