XTEND meeting via Zoom 11 May 2021

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XTEND Monthly Meeting – 6.00 pm

Tuesday 11th May 2021
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Colin Wilson

“How To Get Your Team Firing Together”

Ambitious team leaders and team coaches working with teams in pressurised or diverse situations will find this session useful

It’s a new world for teams from the Board room to the shop floor. Over the last year teams, groups and boards were shattered, shifted, and fractured, before they survived, changed, pioneered and renewed. We as individuals went through this too.

We have all been changed. There is much repair work to be done and much learning and opportunity to be taken. Location is elevated too as a team concept – remote, co-located, or a hybrid? How do leaders, coaches and facilitators now get their teams firing fully in 2021 and 2022?

In this session we’ll help you take a new look at team performance and create an action plan in order to stimulate the best from your teams’ potential.

You will want to attend this if you are a Board member or participant in a team or group; if you are an ambitious team leader, or a team coach who is delivering in pressured or diverse situations and wanting to build more team potential and performance.

Attendees will be taken through an informative and reflective process to consider:
• What do we mean by team, performance and potential; and how meaningful are these in a rapidly-changing environment?
• What we can and cannot learn from the sporting field and what we should not take as an analogy into work performance
• The relationship and interaction between individual performance and team performance – and how to reach maximum potential
• A model for coaching teams to reach higher performance and capacity.

In this session we’ll help you take a new look at team performance and create an action plan in order to stimulate the best from your teams’ potential.

Colin Wilson is a national award-winning executive team coach. He has been privileged to work with seven FTSE100/Fortune 200 companies at senior level and a major political party. He co-designed, developed and facilitated more than 20 full-day workshops on a wide range of topics for the UK’s high performance sports coaches in conjunction with the British Olympic Association and UK Sport, and ran an 18-month programme to develop over 20 National Junior Coaches in Olympic and non-Olympic Team and Individual sports. He currently mentors for Premier League football.

As a sportsman Colin is a double Commonwealth table tennis silver medallist and international sports coach who brings much from the sporting analogy to executive coaching, but also debunks many myths about the effectiveness of this transfer of ideas. He helps many leading ‘coaches to become better coaches’ and has a fascination with the origins, underpinnings and approaches that lead to high performance within and between people.

Colin is based in the Midlands and London where he runs his Business Athlete practice supporting senior leaders and teams. He provides accredited coach supervision and accredited consultant supervision to help senior people achieve more. He covers business, sports, non-profit organisations and mental health fields.

Special Offer: If you want help with the development of capability, capacity or performance of a team, Colin can offer a series of free (expenses-only) team coaching sessions over Zoom between now and November, for one lucky applicant. Call if interested via https://www.businessathlete.co.uk/index.php/contact