XTEND meeting via Zoom 8th March 2022, 6-7.30 pm

Robin Bayley lead an interactive workshop on

“How to  make a positive impact on-line”

This meeting will be held via Zoom

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Robin Bayley




How to make a positive impact on-line

As soon as we turn up for a meeting – be it online or in person – we are creating an impression.

How do we come across?

What story are our audience making up about us?

If you want to be more in control of the narrative that you are communicating, join us for an interactive workshop on creating a positive impact online with communications and storytelling expert, Robin Bayley.

You will pick up tips on how to make Zoom calls work for you.

Communicate with clarity and gravitas

Use Zoom to showcase your talents.

About Robin Bayley

Robin Bayley is a storytelling and leadership coach who has helped thousands of people all around the world communicate and connect with their audience. Following a successful career in television and advertising, Robin wanted to tell his own stories and wrote an internationally-acclaimed non-fiction book about the power of storytelling.

It was while speaking at literature festivals that Robin discovered the true impact of stories spoken out loud, and the magic of creating a connection with an audience. People began to ask him to help them tell their stories – from wedding speeches to keynote talks – and this has become his calling; to empower people to say what they need to say, in the way they need to say it.

Robin has coached high-profile personalities, TEDx speakers, campaigners, senior executives and emerging leaders everywhere from Sydney to Silicon Valley, and Madrid to the Middle East.