XTEND NED SIG via Zoom – 14 March, 6pm

The art of non-executive job seeking – promoting yourself for NED roles

An NED roundtable event run by Matt Craven

Matt Craven

Founder and CEO of CVIA

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Securing an NED role is as much about how well you can sell yourself as it is about your abilities.

For every person offered an NED role, there were likely 6 better candidates that never even secured an interview. This round table event will discuss the self-marketing strategies that successful NEDs and portfolio career professionals adopt, including personal branding, value proposition development, CV writing, LinkedIn and thought leadership.

The session is aimed at aspiring NEDs, existing NEDs and fully fledged portfolio career professionals.

Attendees will come away with some clear actionable points to define their professional ‘angle’ for NED roles, sell themselves more effectively, and create a suite of leading-edge self-marketing collateral that’s fit for purpose in the 2022 market. We’ll delve into the science of a great NED CV, the structure of a high-performing LinkedIn profile and the dark art of thought leadership.

Short Speaker Bio: Matt is the Founder and CEO of CVIA. He is considered a thought-leader in career development and personal branding and is regularly engaged as a public speaker to deliver advice and guidance to global audiences on all things related to career advancement, personal branding and thought leadership. CVIA have several divisions including The CV & Interview Advisors, CVIA Careers, the Career Enhancement Network and DCS Executive and work extensively with aspiring and incumbent NEDs. The company have presented to over one million people globally and last year worked 1-2-1 with professionals and executives in 63 countries around the world.