Welcome message by our Committee Chair, Caroline Swain

Hello and welcome to The Executive Network (TEN) Website. We are a group of senior executives who know the value of meeting new people in order to extend our business networks both for ourselves and the businesses we work for. We have been informing, educating and connecting members for more than 15 years as well as providing lively, fun, social events throughout the year.

Why join us?

The Executive Network provides multiple avenues for senior business executives to grow and maintain their networks, make new contacts and connect with like-minded professionals.


What membership provides

The Executive Network provides members with a constant source of information and pool of expertise across a wealth and breadth of industry sectors.


Our events

Each month we host informal events at key London locations. Events are open to members and guests and are structured to facilitate networking amongst attendees. Each month we also feature a keynote speaker, providing valuable opportunities for personal and professional development.

Who we are

Who we are

What we are not

What we are not

How to join

How to join

Next Event: Wednesday 7th September 2016

AGM and Monthly Meeting – 6pm
Michael Dodds – Great answers to tough questions at work!

Interim Interest Group – 5pm  
Charles Wilson, Penna – Capitalise on Brexit

Address Details: National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HB
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The Verdict:

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Summer BBQ at the National Liberal Club

Member Testimonials:

FRAN MOSCOW, MEMBER “I love the philosophy – it’s about supporting our members, sharing contacts and information. Using our Broadcast facility I have successfully introduced TEN members to non-TEN member organisations to join their Board. As well as when I first joined TEN I received a lead for a major piece of business. Four years later I still work with the client!”