• We are an eclectic group of over 200 executives who understand the value of networking.
  • We come from a wide variety of industries – finance, banking, leisure, tech, retail, telecoms, recruitment, manufacturing, publishing – to name but a few!
  • We cover the gamut of roles and functions – CEOs, Finance Directors, HR, IT, Procurement, Operations, Business Development etc
  • Some members undertake interim assignments, others are permanently employed, some are consultants, coaches or NEDs and some are looking for jobs.


  • We help members make new connections and expand their networks.
  • We hold monthly meetings with a business speaker on different topics so that we can stay up to date with the rapidly changing corporate, digital and commercial world.
  • There is plenty of time during the meetings to have conversations with interesting members and their guests. We do not put pressure on anyone to exchange business cards or find leads for others. The nibbles and drinks after the speaker encourage introductions and discussions.
  • We provide an informal, supportive, friendly environment, enabling conversations and relationships between guests and members to flourish.
  • Our website provides members with a broadcast facility through which they can, and do, ask for information or contacts and share opportunities.


  • Even in this world of digital marketing, it is still true that networking face to face is as important as ever.
  • The more people you connect with in a meaningful way, the more likely you are to succeed in finding interim roles, permanent roles, NED positions or business.
  • Increasingly, people are starting their own businesses and/or working from home which can be very lonely. XTEND meetings offer a non-threatening, non-stressful setting in which to meet new people and old friends and talk about what you are doing.
  • Access to expertise – through talking to members, from their networks, by using the broadcast facility and by listening to the speakers.



  • Founded in 1999 by four executives who understood the power of personal connections to find their next opportunity.
  • Every month they each brought one or two guests, who then became members, rapidly expanding the reach and diversity of the industries, functions and roles represented.
  • We changed our name in 2017 to reflect our core mission – helping business executives expand their networks.
  • We are now actively partnering with other networks with similar goals and continuing to add new members as we enter our 21st year.