21st March 2024 – Jukka Väänänen (Jay), CEO of Newspage

Jay is the CEO of Newspage

Newspage gets your brand in the big media: TV, radio, print and digital.

Whether you’re a small business or charity owner, an academic, artist or aspiring musician on YouTube or TikTok, Newspage bridges the gap between you and the world’s leading media outlets. And it’s free.

Newspage is media reinvented.

Until now, people had to pay a pricey PR firm or agent, rely on luck or do the hard work themselves to get into the mainstream media. Newspage changes that.

Whether you’re an individual with a story or particular talent, an academic or business owner with a specific expertise, a charity that needs publicity, or someone who’s creating cool stuff on their kitchen table, with Newspage everyone has the chance to #BeTheStory.

Newspage was created by Dominic Hiatt, an award-winning journalist and the founder of Rhizome Media Group, an established PR agency with clients around the world.

Newspage is now on a mission to decentralise the PR world and democratise the media, giving everyone the chance to #BeTheStory for FREE.

Got a story you think the world should know about? Or perhaps you’re an expert with views to share?

Newspage is your FREE gateway to the world’s leading media.

Be found, be seen and #BeTheStory