Aug 15

Activities and achievements over 2011-12


Events hosted by Graham Stedman of Nabarro Ltd and Nigel Bacon of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce which we hope to repeat.

A very positive Non Executive Directors special interest group meeting with Lesley Stephenson, Steve Playford and Matthew Mertz of the FT NED Club developing an ongoing association.
Our Social Media special interest group is leading our expansion on LinkedIn and other virtual platforms with Amanda Brown providing insights into the intricacies of the virtual world which going forward we intend to build on.

Our stalwart special interest Interim group providing support and speakers hosted by David Baldwin-Evans.

The Committee have created the foundation for a new TEN web site, delivered a steady stream of interesting and varied speakers, offered a number of lunch time meetings for greater intimacy among smaller numbers. Further potential expansion through more joint events to look forward to.

As we approach the AGM in September with some of the team standing down and new members coming on board we anticipate creating an exciting plan for growth in the coming year using the new www as our launch pad.