Caroline’s Corner – September 2016










Why have we changed the name?

  • There are many The Executive Networks out there
  • The membership of TEN has changed since its inception in 2000
  • It signifies a new era in our development

Our membership has changed complexion. We are still senior executives, often with international experience, but many have developed portfolio careers or started their own consultancy or business. Some are NEDs and others are still in corporate roles.
As a coach who helps people move on in their careers, I know that widening your network is the best way of finding new opportunities and XTEND will find new ways to provide the welcoming environment to do just that. We also want to make sure that everyone who attends a meeting makes new connections.

I would like to say a big personal THANK YOU to Andrew Cross for all his hard work in making sure that everything was ready for yesterday evening.

Bring a GUEST
Our stories are evidence that networking works in all sorts of ways. Keep the membership growing by bringing a guest to each meeting, or encouraging guests to come even if you can’t be there. Let Sue and Joan know you can’t be there and we will make sure they are welcomed.
Email at [email protected]

You can see the full AGM Presentation if you go on to the XTEND website, by clicking here… – however, here is a brief overview:

Peter Giles reported that income has increased, 16 new members last year and annual renewal fees were up by 33%.
We had a surplus for the year of £3,702.
Next year’s budget will generate a surplus of £3,446.

Joint chairs – Sean Clancy (retiring), Karen Jones, Bob Hartley
Thank you to Sean for his drive and happy travelling in retirement.
It was Sean’s initiative to work with EOL in jointly marketing teams of interims drawn from the TEN membership so that complete solutions can be offered to clients positioning TEN & EOL very competitively against consultancy houses.

Chair – Fran Moscow
Great meeting in April with an illustrious panel of speakers talking about managing Board performance and dealing with conflict

Terry Irwin – SPEAKERS
This year saw some excellent speakers, especially Kevin Poulter and Nicola Horlick and some different events in speed networking and wine tasting
Next year we have an impressive list of speakers already with people like Mark Yates and Mark Fritz

We are very grateful to Nabarro and Caroline Newsholme for their continued support and to Helen Farr at Fox Williams for their generous sponsorship.

I remain as Chair and am very grateful that Peter Giles is continuing as Treasurer and Terry Irwin will be sourcing the speakers. I am also grateful for the great work with e-shots which Andrew Cross does every month. Andy Low remains as our fount of wisdom as the Founding Father. Ian Watkins’ contributions are very valuable and always contain a lot of common sense. I am very pleased to welcome two new members to the Committee – Calum Byers and Beata Green, thank you for volunteering and look forward to your new perspectives and ideas.

A big thank you to the Marketing Committee and especially Adrian Martorana for our new name and look. Andrew Cross would really like some company
Now that Adrian, Stuart and Douglas have resigned from the committee, we need some new blood!

Jonathan Prince
Congratulations to Jonathan on his award of MBE for his services to charity.

Tell us your story
Have you made a useful connection through the network? Have you generated a client? Have you found a partner for your business?
Please tell us those good news stories as a result of being part of the network.

Get in touch with us at [email protected]