Caroline’s Corner – January 2018

What did you miss?

2018 started with two of the best talks I’ve ever seen and heard.

NED Interest Group

Peter Reichwald seen on the left talking to Calum Byers, one of our Committee members, gave us his top 7 tips to find an NED role.
1. Have a passion
2. Know your territory
3. Experiment
4. Be willing to work hard
5. The door to winning your role opens outwards
6. Cope with adversity
7. Be happy
Interestingly, he also advised never using the same CV twice. Always tailor your CV and remember to add your outside activities. Tell stories about your achievements and remember that the key to your next role is your network!

The Mobility Revolution
Lukas Neckermann (pictured next to the Chair, Caroline Swain) talks with passion and knowledge about the trends in how we move from A to B now and how things are changing. It was truly thought provoking.
The aim of the Revolution is to achieve Zero Emissions, Zero Accidents, Zero Ownership

Urban mobility is contributing to 40,000 early deaths per year through pollution.
To reduce this there will be a new urban mobility paradigm: we won’t own vehicles
and the vehicles which we do use will increasingly be Electric vehicles, Autonomous (driverless) cars, Car Sharing, Uber. For car manufacturers it is a nightmare because the logo on the steering wheel will be irrelevant so their whole marketing and production strategy will have to change dramatically.
Car insurance will have to change. Business models in car hiring, leasing, sales will change as the new paradigm is encouraged to flourish.
Bit depressing if you really like driving a nice car with a badge like me! But hope for the planet.

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