Jun 6

David Collis


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Committee Member: David Collis

Director, Cloud Consortium Ltd

I am a seasoned and experienced Management Consultant and ICT Project Manager having worked within the Finance and Insurance Services, B2B and B2C Retail Markets. My 14 years track record as an ICT Operations Director has delivered significant benefits to numerous organisations both in the UK and Overseas. I am very experienced at Board Level delivering management expectations, on time and within budget. I have a can do/will do attitude. I have extensive abilities and skills especially at peer level, staff level and supply chain.

For examples of my work and services please see my LinkedIn by Profile by clicking here.
I have helped organisations achieve their goals and objectives by being diligent, challenging and by analysing all relevant data and information to arrive at the agreed solution.


  • Ability to solve problems by gaining trust with client and their employees
  • Providing knowledge transfer to clients during and after the assignment has been completed
  • Ability to relate to clients and to use my previous Director roles to understand client issues
  • To deliver on time and in budget with reported client accolades

Reason for joining TEN:

To develop effective relationships with like minded professionals and to share my skills and experience with them for the benefit of all

Length of time with TEN:

Since 2012

What have you gained from TEN membership?

A network of professionals who are willing to listen to my experiences and to share theirs with TEN members and me.

“I am pleased to be a member of TEN. The scrutiny of my suitability to join TEN were subtle yet detailed. Subsequent to my membership, I understood the reasoning behind this approach. It has given me more confidence so much so that I became a Committee Member last year and subsequently, Vice Chair. It is a privilege to be a member and to share common values.”