Event: Monday 13th May 2013


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Monday 13th May 2013 – 6pm

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National Liberal Club
Whitehall Place
London SW1A 2HE

Graham Williams – Mind Fit to Perform

Underperformance is extremely costly in terms of lost productivity and damage to businesses.  Ironically, although a lot of time, effort and money goes into tackling the issue for example, in the form of Lean Management, cuts and sending people on training programmes, the real cause of underperformance that leads to what is called ‘behavioural waste’ is ignored.  The loss of 50% of wasted time is not uncommon.  This does not mean that people are not busy however, what they do is often unfocused and does not provide value. In some cases people may function like Zombies whilst in others they sabotage wherever they can, often without even knowing it.

In this talk you will discover the cause of the problem and a new and unique process that turns the apathetic and disengaged into highly productive people.

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The cost for members is £10

Guests who meet the membership criteria of The Executive Network are most welcome. Please send a brief biography/LinkedIn profile to Joan & Sue.

The cost for guests is £10

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Graham Williams

Architect of Mind Fit – Business and personal performance

Graham operated at both tactical and strategic levels in the UK police service and led major operations and initiated changes with a national impact.

Graham has integrated his organisational experience with methods used by top sports people. This led to the development of a unique process, called Learned Powerfulness® which builds ‘can do’ attitudes and behaviours. The process enables people to discover what they are really capable of and to revolutionised their performance.