Event: Monday 2nd November 2015



Monthly Meeting

Monday 2nd November 2015 – 6pm

Address Details:
Nabarro LLP, 125 London Wall, London EC2Y 5AL
(please note new address for Nabarro)

Speaker: Nick Looby – Communications Expert

‘Maximise Success through Enhanced Thinking and Dynamic Action’

This talk is designed for a corporate audience who crave greater success and personal achievement.

During the 60 minute performance Nick will explore a host of tools and techniques that every audience member will be able to use, instantly, to maximise their success through an examination of how we think and how we communicate with ourselves.

The session is designed to be interactive, fun and accessible to all.

The 4 main areas he will cover are as follows:

Personal Belief Systems

We look at the mind set of success, effective focus strategies to increase confidence, how to overcome fears and move away from harmful habits and effective tools to increase positivity and make powerful choices.

Motivation and High Performance

In this section we explore techniques for personal improvement, future focus and motivation, how to tune into our invisible coach and improve performance and the art of taking personal responsibility for our success.

Adaptability and Mental Toughness

We continue by discovering the difference between wishing something were the case and making it happen, how victim mentality may be holding us back, strategies to enhance our self-belief and to take ownership of life’s adventures.

Influencing Others

In this final section we ensure our audience are motivated to change and we deliver tactics for influencing others and seeing the world from alternative perspectives and motivations.

The end of the session is devoted to ensuring our audience are prepared to take action and the strategies explored are implemented to secure maximum success.

The talk is delivered using personal experience, stories and anecdotes that relate to our audience and real world references which ensure a ‘we can do this’ mentality.

Nick Looby is the owner of Feet on the Ground Training – a very realistic and practical take on how training can have a real impact in today’s demanding world.

Over the last 10 years Nick has been responsible for assisting numerous corporate giants with their communication expertise, enabling them to deliver greater clarity, more success and essential business growth.

We live in a world surrounded by an ocean of global communication and more choice than ever before as to how we interact with our fellow humans – Nick’s skill is to be able to ensure we are heard above all of this noise and all of our frenzied communication traffic and communicate to win.

My personal mission, says Nick, is to enhance the way we all communicate, how we deliver our ideas, our information and even ourselves both at work and at play.

When I can put the training company to one side I thrive on spending time with my 2 teenage children who are strangely responsible for both ageing me and keeping me young.  Other non work pursuits include dancing (I have finally managed to master the Ceroc triple spin) and outdoor adventures of all kinds.

The cost for members is £20 if booked before 26th October (£25 after that date)

Guests who meet the membership criteria of The Executive Network are most welcome. Please send a brief biography/LinkedIn profile to Joan & Sue.

The cost for guests is £20 if booked before 26th October (£25 after that date)

Cancellations must be made by notifying us by email at [email protected] Members and guests who cancel at least 3 days prior to the event will receive a full refund.