Event: Monday 2nd October 2017



Monthly Meeting

Monday 2nd October 2017 – 6pm 

Address Details: National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HB

Nick Looby

Surfing the communication ocean – how to get through while your competition are drowning

Never before have we had such an opportunity to share our message with the world.  We live in a time of accessible, far reaching technology with countless ways to communicate with our fellow humans.  So why are we struggling to be heard, at work, at home and beyond?  Why is getting through to our audience so incredibly difficult?  We are drowning in the ocean of modern communication and our voice is being lost in the crashing waves of noise.

Whether you are sinking, swimming or hanging desperately to a life-raft, our speaker will show you how to rise up, above the competition, and enjoy the waves of this frenzied Communication Ocean.  This talk is designed for those who are leading teams, organizations and even industries and need to interact with more power, passion and purpose with real people to surf their way to even greater success.

Impactful communication that makes a real difference in our technically connected world is rare.  The key strategies to enhance your communication to industry dominating levels will be addressed during this thought provoking talk:

Explore, learn and absorb:

  • Powerful body language secrets
  • Inspiring story telling techniques
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • The critical differences between being heard and getting through

Speaker Bio:

Nick has been delighting audiences for over a decade with his impactful humour, focused observation and his power to inspire action.  With his potent and unique approach to communication, Nick will not only alter the way you think, but, more importantly, transform the way you act.  Nick has helped some of the largest (and smallest) organizations, including HSBC, UK Power Networks, Proctor & Gamble and the BBC to greater success by breaking the communication mold.

Nick recently appeared on the Business Intelligence show on SKY TV, reaching an even wider audience with his communication insights.  Proud to be among the TED family, speaking at a TEDx event in 2015 was a fun-filled milestone, as were the two game changing books written to shake up the communication industry.

Outside of the business arena Nick’s hobbies include running (with local running club the Springfield Striders) dancing (ballroom sequence and line dancing) and reading YA Fiction, which he also publishes with his daughter and Molten Publishing – they’re always looking for manuscripts!