Event: Monday 4th February 2019


Monthly Meeting – 6pm

Monday 4th February 2019

Address Details: The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, 39a Bartholomew Close, London EC1A 7JN

Professor Ruth Bender

Emeritus Professor of Corporate Financial Strategy, Cranfield School of Management

‘What’s gone wrong with Companies?’


Society generally thinks that ‘business’ has failed.  Large companies and their executives no longer inspire trust; directors are seen as focusing on grabbing rewards; auditors are shown to have failed.  In this talk, Ruth Bender will discuss what’s gone wrong and where we are now.  She will consider some of the remedies being proposed, and what they might entail.

This presentation is aimed at anyone with an interest in how business interacts with society


  • Understand why Shareholder Value might actually be A Good Thing
  • Recognise the roles of the different parties in the governance system, and the reasons why none of them has fully succeeded
  • Appreciate the debate on executive pay – why it became a problem, and why it is difficult to find an answer
  • Understand the current reports on the future of the audit profession, and consider what might come out of them

Emeritus Professor Ruth Bender is an expert in Corporate Financial Strategy. Her expertise on Executive Pay, and Boards and Governance has been honed from many years of research and executive interviews.  Prior to joining the faculty of Cranfield School of Management in 1994 she was a Corporate Finance Partner at Grant Thornton.

She is a chartered accountant and was a committee member of the ICAEW’s Faculty of Finance and Management. She has also been a non-executive director of a Health Authority and an NHS Trust, and member of the Independent Remuneration Panels for two local authorities.

Widely acclaimed for her engaging courses and lectures and a knack for getting to the heart of the issues, Ruth will provide a vibrant tour through the root causes of how the dynamic of human behaviour and regulation have sowed the seed for the problems we see today.

Ruth is a Judge on the Non-Executive Director of the Year awards, co-founder of the successful Bedfordshire Businesswomen’s Association and author of the textbook Corporate Financial Strategy used by many Business Schools.  She is also a keen horse rider and passionate about art.