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Event: Monday 4th March 2013


Monthly Meeting & EGM

Monday 4th March 2013 – 6pm

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Nabarro LLP, Lacon House, 84 Theobald’s Road, London WC1X 8RW

Charles Chang

‘China & India: Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger’

China and India require serious attention.

Without this attention, governments, businesses and, indeed, individuals may find themselves at a great disadvantage sooner rather than later.

Chindia is a virtual land of China and India. This land will remain virtual – at least for the foreseeable future. Although Chindia may never become a real entity, China and India individually is having and will continue to have a dramatic impact on the world stage in the foreseeable future.

There is not only huge interest in China and India, but there is an over abundance of information. You can hardly open a newspaper without at least one article on China or India. However, as we know, having lots of information available does not necessarily make one any wiser.

This short talk tries to distil salient facts and figures and structure them under: politics, economics, social and cultural factors and technology in order to prepare the listener to be alert to the threats and opportunities that China and India present.

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The cost for guests is £10

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Charles Chang

Charles has been tracking China and India for most of his adult life, having been born in Shanghai and educated in Calcutta. In 2006, Microsoft commissioned him to address its EMEA sales and marketing conference on the subject of China & India: threat or opportunity. Since then he has delivered his talk – regularly updated – to over 2,000 delegates at over 10 venues and several countries. His most full-time recent role was as a VP at Gartner, where he was rated as one of the top presenters at its annual Cannes symposium. Prior to that, he worked for Butler Cox, ICL and IBM (in the US). Charles is an accomplished speaker. He has addressed both senior business and IT executives at public, private and in-house events in five of the six habitable continents.