Event: Monday 5th February 2018



Monthly Meeting

Monday 5th February – 6pm 

Address Details: National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HB

Brett Sadler

‘The Titanic, The Butterfly and Your Business’

This talk introduces the concept of the Titanic Factor (how we’re systemically hard-wired to resist change) and how we can learn from the Butterfly’s Journey and Icebergs to create transformative change in business and individuals.

The presentation is aimed at Entrepreneurs and senior executives at the cutting edge of new ideas and wanting to foster innovation in their businesses.

This talk will give you new insights into the factors that may be keeping your organisation from achieving its full potential, and introduces the simple 3-step U-Change process to:

  • Engage more effectively with stakeholders,
  • Connect to the future that is now emerging, and
  • Transform through a process of rapid innovation.

Based on advanced research into leadership and change by top thinkers at MIT Sloan School of Management, these ideas have been tried, tested and proved in organisations of all sizes, right up to governments and even Alibaba – the largest online retailer in the world ahead of amazon.

In keeping with the theme of ‘rapid innovation’ you will get at least one tool that you can use immediately to start creating change in your business tomorrow.

Brett Sadler

Brett is uniquely placed to speak on how business works, having spent time in virtually every discipline including purchasing, sales, production, systems analysis and even accounts.  He has worked for organisations of all sizes from start ups to multinational including Clarks Shoes and Unilever.

The biggest chunk of his career was spent in marketing where he worked on the media, agency and client sides, becoming a Chartered Marketer and CIM Fellow.

Brett’s key skill lies in bringing clarity and simplicity to complex situations.  He specialises in consulting on engagement and strategy development, working with a range of clients including GE, Alstom and TUI Group.

Brett is an active outdoors person, being a walker, runner, climber and a qualified Mountain Leader.  He has led expeditions to the Himalaya, South America and sub-Saharan Africa, involving projects such as building schools and environmental work.