Event: Monday 7th November 2016


Monthly Meeting

Monday 7th November 2016 – 6pm

Address Details:
Nabarro LLP, 125 London Wall, London EC2Y 5AL


David Price PhD,

Global Leadership Mentor & Coach
Helping Executives Succeed Across Cultures | Author of Bamboo Strong | Speaker

‘Bamboo Strong – Cultural Intelligence for Changing Times’

Discover how to employ a ‘bamboo mindset’ to consistently grow market share in new markets. This presentation is based on David’s most recent books The Master Key to Asia and The Master Key to China and offers a proven system and creative solutions to harmonise global business cultures. In this entertaining and interactive presentation, David reveals how the ‘bamboo mindset’ can be used to maximize your efficiency and productivity, target brands and products to local cultures, and drive sustained revenue growth in home and overseas markets.

This presentation is aimed at corporate audiences, CEOs, board members, leaders of large corporate organisations and companies with dynamic cross-cultural or cross-border teams.
Audiences will gain the following/ benefits from David’s presentation:
• Opportunity – new perspectives on how to sharpen your competitive mindset and open new revenue channels
• Empowerment – providing the secrets and tools to unlock new markets and ways of doing business
• Confidence – Increasing your ability to recognize cultural differences in business situations and communications
• Agility – developing strategies to adapt to different cultural attitudes and to increase profits
• Leadership – managing different styles in the workplace and in cross-border teams to maximize efficiency
• Growth – converting your mistakes into success and developing long-term partnerships
• Profit – new confidence reflected on the bottom line!

David Clive Price 

David Clive Price PhD is an international revenue growth strategist with over 30 years’ experience of leading and advising international businesses in both East and West.
Prior to establishing his own company in Hong Kong in 1998 and in UK in 2008, he worked as strategic advisor, cultural integration specialist and chief speechwriter for HSBC in the run-up to the handover of Hong Kong.

Much of his work over the past seven years has involved coaching and mentoring CEOs and business owners, advising multinationals on cross-border marketing and communications, keynote speaking and facilitating. David is the author of a number of bestselling books on international business, including The Master Key to Asia and The Master Key To Asia.

David is an ardent rugby and cricket fan, writer on international cultures and cuisine, and passionate traveller. He speaks several European and Asian languages, is a Member of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, Member of the Professional Speaking Association and holds a doctorate in Renaissance Studies from Cambridge University.