Sep 13

Event: Tuesday 2 October 2012


Leading & Building a Culture of Integrity

Speaker: Peter Neville Lewis & Peter Jones

Address Details: St Stephen’s Club, 34 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AP

How do you decide what is right – and have the courage to do it.
A recent PwC Report on Trust said “Our view is that businesses should rethink their entire approach to risk and compliance and seek to cultivate behaviours that are based not on following rules but living by principles”.

Organisations and their senior leaders need to learn to lead with ethical integrity and create the right climate throughout their organisations. And they need to start by considering what is Right – are we doing the Right thing, are we doing it in the Right way, is our decision based on the Right Values. And do our colleagues understand and accept those Values.

This interactive session will address that very challenging change for businesses and their leaders. It will be interactive because it is about how each of us decide what is right – and how we then have the courage to act on that decision.

The session will be led by Peter Neville Lewis, a former marketing and managing director and now a consultant, coach and adviser to businesses and leaders on how to act with integrity and lead their organisations to do the right things. TEN members may like to look at his blog –

He will be supported by Peter Lewis Jones (no relation), a TEN member and consultant on people and change.