Event: Wednesday 7th March 2018



Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 7th March 2018 – 6pm 

Address Details: National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HB

Delivering 5 Star Service

Paul Wearmouth

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Coach & Author

Customer Service has never been more important.  With increasingly tough trade and everyone struggling to compete for every sale, the customer can become lost in a veritable ocean of choice of who to do business with.

Paul shares that the biggest threat to our business is not bad service, but “OK Service”.  In this presentation Paul demonstrates how to deliver 5 Star Customer Service every time and what it takes to stand out from the crowd!

In 5 steps that you can apply immediately, Paul will challenge you to take action and make a difference to the way you deliver your customer service to take it to the next level, the “WOW” level, where your customers will want to award it with 5 stars and walk away eager to share their experience.

Key Learnings:

 How to become more engaging with your customers
 What it takes to personalise your service for each customer
 How to understand and exceed your customer’s expectations
 Creating and delivering on your service promise
 Maintaining standards of consistency

Paul Wearmouth is an international speaker, mentor and author who is passionate about developing organisations and individuals to take Customer Service and Experience to a whole new level.

Paul educates and empowers people about the importance of customer service and experience and how they can deliver them in a way that will generate more loyalty, more customers and win more business.

As a specialist in what makes people buy more and sell better, Paul delivers motivational and keynote presentations that make people sit up and listen. Speaking from real-life experience and events, he shares a clear set of messages that guide sales professionals and leaders to gain the success that they truly desire.

Paul’s belief is simply “How you sell it, is how the other person will buy it” and this is the underlying message he shares in all his presentations, allowing delegates to see, hear and feel the influence and impact that they have on a customer’s buying decision and their perception of the product.

He shares that amazing customer service and successful selling comes from truly understanding customer needs and gaining a clear knowledge of what our customers really do buy in to. Paul has proven this understanding works from a career spanning over 20 years in a wide range of selling arenas from retailers through to direct B2B. Running stores and business divisions with turnovers that run in to the millions, Paul developed a key understanding of the power of customer relations and the ability to get inside a customer’s mind to discover what truly inspires a “yes” or no” answer to buy.

Paul shares his high energy message in a way that makes people take notice and take action. Sales and Service today require a very different approach. Paul helps people, teams and organisations understand that in order to succeed in today’s tough and competitive climate, you must be doing something different, something personal and engaging with your customers like never before.

Because when the service is taken to the next level and when the customer experience is the best it can be, you will have roaming ambassadors telling the world how good your business is!