Event: Wednesday 9th January 2019


Monthly Meeting – 6pm

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Address Details: The Lansdowne Club, 9 Fitzmaurice Place, Mayfair, London W1J 5JD

The Club Dress Code must be adhered to by everyone entering the club. Men must wear a conventional jacket and collared shirt and ladies must be smartly dressed.

Richard Hagen:

‘From Expert to Leader – creating and selling books and products that scale your business’

There are key principles and strategies that established leaders implement as they make the leap from expert to leader. The role of books and related products in this journey will be explored and linked to your own goals. Take a look at Richard’s video.

Lots of experts and professionals (consultants, advisors, trainers, coaches, speakers, etc.) say they want to grow their business and become a leader in their field. But most actually want a quick-fix solution or for someone else to hand them a template for their leadership. Only a few genuinely want to scale their business and step into that leadership zone.

This presentation will help you understand how leveraging books and products can help you:

  • Make a much bigger impact than you do currently
  • Attract your ideal clients more easily
  • Increase your financial prosperity
  • Leave a legacy that endures

You will also understand the key mistakes that first-time business authors or product creators make which:

  • Ensure they won’t ever become a leader
  • Demolish their expertise
  • Damage their brand
  • Turn them into amateurs

Richard Hagen
Co-founder and MD: mPowr Publishing and Immersive Publishing

• committing suicide at the Edinburgh Festival
• running away from elephants in Kruger
• facing down drug dealers in their y-fronts in Perth
• being mugged by an Orthodox priest at the site of the crucifixion
• and surviving a few years as a Year Six Class Teacher in Souff London…
I now run Immersive Publishing – working with experienced, expert coaches, trainers, consultants and business owners to turn your expertise into books, products and online training that are as brilliant as you are.

Since leaving university I’ve spent thirty years involved in publishing. Writing at first, then editorial and occasional crisis management roles at one of the largest Christian publishers in the UK. After leaving my role as priest, preacher and community project organiser I set up mPowr Limited (mPowr Publishing and Immersive Publishing are different activities of mPowr) with Martyn Pentecost… at the same time as retraining as a primary school teacher.

Now I’m focused full-time on helping experts who should be leaders. In my spare time I love cinema, theatre and gate-crashing my brother’s family Disney holidays!